Профиль happy cs go

Профиль happy cs go hide death notices csgo

Despite arguable lack of skill in this team, Happy has managed to lead this team to 1st place in DreamHack Valenciaa decent 5th-8th placing in EMS One Katowicewhere they were defeated by eventual champion Virtus.

COM Currently in game leader for team LDLC. GO elite, offering an in hppy look at the stories behind the players that are shaping the scene today. Can ScreaM one tap his way through all the odds? KioShiMa was kicked for and up-and-coming French player, DEVILand IGL was given over to NBK. Team EnVyUs EnVyUs 5.

AsP apEX shox ScreaM Happy THEWALL: Happy Sf h0rks haqx Sqzzz lovecsstep.com: maLeK Sf Shokkk fxyo Happy eXtensive! tweelareN;d In-Game Counter - Strike: Global Offensive. Техническая поддержка. Файл не выбран. Оставь свой отзыв. Игроки. Профиль игрока «Happy». Профессиональный игрок в CS: GO. Двукратный чемпион турниров Major (в составе Team lovecsstep.com) в и (в составе Team EnVyUs) в годах.


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